November 25./26. 2024

StrategyDays Marketing

Know your value and always hit the target

November 25./26. 2024

StrategyDays Marketing

Know your value andalways hit the target

In modern marketing, numerous challenges take center stage.

The integration of modern technologies and automation makes digital transformation difficult. Data-driven marketing requires complex analysis and the use of predictive analytics. Building long-term, loyal customer relationships is a constant challenge. Personalized marketing measures must be precisely implemented. The lack of clear strategies and insufficient use of influencer marketing hinder success in social media. Finally, the customer journey requires careful analysis and optimization. At the StrategyDays Marketing, these problems are addressed through practical strategies and best practices from leading experts. Use the event to expand your knowledge and achieve your marketing goals successfully.

Key Topics

Generative AI

Value Orientation



Social Commerce

Hyper Personalization

Open Mind Space

Have you ever left trade fairs and conferences with more questions than answers? Didn't you have the opportunity to find the exact contact person or have a conversation with him? Did you lack time? This is exactly where Open Mind Space (OMS) comes into play. We give you the time and the opportunity to receive targeted answers to your questions.

  • 360° audience
  • Interactive
  • Live Votings
  • Networking

Lectures & Masterclasses

Are you also interested in the success stories of well-known SMEs through to large corporations, their solutions and also stumbling blocks? In advance of an upcoming project, find out what to expect and how you can successfully implement your project.

  • Experiences
  • Know-how
  • Services
  • Product solutions

Breathtaking Location

Enjoy one of the largest baroque castles in Germany in the Cologne Countryside - just a few minutes' drive from Cologne. It was already admired in the 18th century, including by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who found this place to be unique.

  • 77 hotel rooms
  • 34 suites
  • ★★ restaurant
  • 4 elements spa
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Partner 2024

A special thanks goes to our Elite Partner. They have not only made a significant contribution to the realization of our StrategyDays but are also responsible for the unforgettable Gala Dinner and the glamorous Casino Night. Immerse yourself in a world of luxury and sophistication as we create unforgettable moments together.

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