NOVEMBER 06./07. 2024


IT Strategy & Cyber Security

NOVEMBER 06./07. 2024


IT Strategy & Cyber Security

Switzerland in Focus: Act Now Against Major IT and Security Risks.

The digital transformation in Switzerland brings profound changes and the integration of cloud computing, offering many advantages but also significant security and management issues. Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing numerous sectors in Swiss companies, increasing the demands on cybersecurity. Blockchain technology promises additional security and transparency but is technically demanding and costly. Big Data Analytics provides deeper insights and better decision-making but imposes high demands on infrastructure and security protocols. The increasing interconnectedness and digitalization significantly expand the attack surface for cyberattacks. Organized cybercrime has reached a high level of sophistication and effectiveness, leading to a rise in security breaches and ransomware attacks. These attacks threaten the data integrity and economic viability of companies in Switzerland. All these challenges will be addressed and solved at :SwissITminds through practical strategies and best practices from leading experts in Switzerland. Take advantage of this event in Switzerland to gain comprehensive solutions and successfully achieve your IT goals.

Key Topics

Cloud Computing


Artificial Intelligence

Big Data & Data Analytics


Internet of Things

Open Mind Space

Have you ever left trade fairs and conferences with more questions than answers? Didn't you have the opportunity to find the exact contact person or have a conversation with him? Did you lack time? This is exactly where Open Mind Space (OMS) comes into play. We give you the time and the opportunity to receive targeted answers to your questions.

  • 360° audience
  • Interactive
  • Live Votings
  • Networking

Lectures & Masterclasses

Are you also interested in the success stories of well-known SMEs through to large corporations, their solutions and also stumbling blocks? In advance of an upcoming project, find out what to expect and how you can successfully implement your project.

  • Experiences
  • Know-how
  • Services
  • Product solutions

Breathtaking Location

The Dolder Grand, opened in 1899 as the “Dolder Grand Hotel & Curhaus”, is now a luxury city resort. The house impresses with its location with a unique view of Zurich, the lake and the Alps. For relaxing moments, the Dolder Grand Spa and the nearby forest offer numerous recreational opportunities. And if you want to experience something in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe: vibrant Zurich is only a few minutes away.

  • 175 rooms and suites
  • Art collection (>100 pieces)
  • Top gastronomy
  • 4.000 m² Spa

Partner 2023/24

A special thanks goes to our Elite Partner. He not only made a significant contribution to the realization of our :SwissITminds, but is also responsible for the unforgettable gala dinner and the glamorous casino evening. Immerse yourself in a world of luxury and sophistication as we create unforgettable moments together.

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Any questions? No problem. Send them to or call us on +41 71 7888216.

Any questions? No problem. Send them to or call us on +41 71 7888216.