Marketing Material and Guidelines

For more than 12 years, business factors has successfully established itself on the market thanks to partnerships with numerous companies. To ensure this stays that way in the future, we rely on holistic marketing communication.

Read the requirements and the method of use before using any of our logos or graphics.

During the StrategyDays, our policies are designed to help you represent your company through various marketing channels. Below you will find information on the use of our graphics (logos and product images) as well as practical examples for your marketing appearance.


If you want to publish marketing materials that are related to the business factors StrategyDays, then only the graphics provided by business factors must be used.

  • Always use the complete event name (example: “StrategyDays IT Security 2018”). Please pay attention to the correct spelling of the wording StrategyDays.
  • Do not change the graphics provided by business factors.
  • If you would like to layout your own design, do not Do adapt the corporate design of business factors.

When is the approval of business factors necessary?

The preparation of marketing materials for subsequent formats must be submitted to business factors and approved (by business factors) prior to publication or broadcast.

  • TV-
  • print-, and
  • display advertising

Please send us all the relevant information and provide all materials as required. Please note that if business factors does not respond, approval of your materials has not been granted.
business factors may check unfinished materials. All finished materials, however, must be approved prior to publication. Make sure that all materials are in sufficient quality for review.

Terms of Usage

The download of the logos and product images listed in these guidelines may only be used by participants of the StrategyDays who have agreed to these conditions. business factors reserves the right to revoke the use of the logos or product images if their use is contrary to this policy or deemed inappropriate by business factors.

The information in these guidelines may change.

Always use the appropriate event logo to promote the StrategyDays. This applies to all electronic and printed media (TV ads, print ads, video trailers, emails, newsletters and websites).


All logos are provided in .png format for web or onscreen presentations. .jpg formats are for use in printed media. Both the png and jpg formats are high resolution and suitable for digital use including web pages. Use only the logos provided here. Do not create your own StrategyDays logo and do not change the artwork in any way.

Preferred logo

Please use the colored logo if you want to draw attention to the StrategyDays in your marketing channels.

Alternative logo

The alternative white or black logos are intended to provide a graphical variety and can be used for the layout if the preferred colored logo is difficult to integrate.

Use of logos

Only use a variant of the logo in your layout. Place the logo above, below, or beside the main message. For all online media, you must provide a link to the StrategyDays.Tthe link is not required for TV advertising.

To get the URL, go to the corresponding StrategyDays page at The URL is displayed in the web browser. Select the URL and copy it. Embed the URL in the logo.

Logos on mobile devices

If you would like to use the logo in a limited space (eg. in the banner on mobile devices), please select a readable size of the logo for these devices.



Mobile Devices

Avoiding Mistakes

Use only the graphic provided by business factors.

  • Do not alter, animate, rotate or tilt the logo
  • Do not map the above icon in the logo alone. Always use the word-image brand together.
  • Do not use icons, logos or graphics from to promote your company.

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