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Get one of the coveted free seats now!

Get one of the covetedfree seats now!

We create conference programs tailored to your professional interests and business needs. Practical presentations will lead you through the morning and provide impulses for current and future projects as part of your daily work. In the afternoons, round table discussions, interactive workshops and tailored one-to-one discussions create the prerequisites for dialogue with colleagues and business partners alike. Relaxed networking on level ground between users and professional solution providers, ensure the extraordinary social program and the sophisticated atmosphere of the venue. This makes the StrategyDays a common experience beyond the classic character of a convention or an exhibition.



We offer our participants an individual event program tailored to their professional interests and needs. We invite selected executives free of charge to attend presentations given by other industry experts, attend masterclasses and hold one-to-one meetings with solution providers on an information and consultation basis. As a result, each participant can gain an overview of current market offerings and has two days to discuss the latest trends and developments with other executives.

Depending on your professional interests, you will meet other industry experts, attend lectures and workshops of your choice and hold discussions with suitable solution providers. It will give you an overview of the current market offer and talk to other executives about the latest trends.

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Free participation is excluded if you as a solution provider offer "solutions and / or products" in the same subject area.
If you are interested in participating as a solution provider, take a look at the section "Sign Up" as a Competence Partner.

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